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How can our working relationship be as effective as possible?
We have implemented a very efficient process. Our first meeting will identify and outline the task or tasks that your law firm or corporation needs, and any questions we have will be asked at that time.  
Communication is key.  The more effectively you communicate your project goals and necessary outcome, the more efficient we will be.  To that end, a dedicated “NOTES” document will be created (as a Google Doc) to make it easy for you to leave comments and notes regarding any task, project or assignment. This way, fewer emails are needed. All notes, requests and instructions for Florida Preferred Paralegals  will be within this single document.
Following our initial consultation, we will provide (within 2 business days) a timeline and work schedule for completing project, task or assignment, with along with a fee amount. We always attempt to do all work as swiftly as possible, without sacrificing detail and quality. We are very thorough, yet highly productive at the same time.
One of the things that improves our efficiency and effectiveness is good communication.

How do you handle Conflict of Interest issues?
Florida Preferred Paralegals maintains a master list of all clients and matters handled.  We will immediately advise our clients of any possible conflict of interest that may arise – however, this is unlikely. If one should arise, we will default to the project/client that we previously worked on/with and if at all possible we will refer you to a trusted, qualified paralegal to manage your project or assignment.

How do you handle Attorney-Client Privilege?
Florida Preferred Paralegals complies with the rules of Attorney-Client Privilege as defined by the ABA Model Rules RPC 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information).

How do you determine your fees?
Our fees are competitive in the market place. And our long-time clients receive occasional perks and discounts, as a reward for their commitment to using our services time and time again. With each new client, we estimate the hours involved to complete your project or assignment, and then we carefully track our time spent on each of your projects in increments of 10th’s of an hour. Typically, our actual time invested is within an hour or two of projections. If we see that we are potentially going over the estimated time allotment by more than two hours, we will contact you to alert you of this so that you may advise us as to how you wish to proceed and/or to get your authorization to proceed.